With this system you can streamming real time your quests, hunts, events and everything that you can do in-game for your friends! Enjoy the innovation!

To use, just say !cast for open your cast.
To open cast with password, do: !cast password (ex: !cast 123)
For close your cast, just say !cast again.

For watch players live casting, login to the server without account name. If the cast has a password, enter the password in the password login field (still empty account name)

Casts on Shivera-Global (9 total of casts)
Aka Support (4 viewers) 280 Royal Paladin
Lingueta (4 viewers) 286 Royal Paladin
Blood Cpt Family (1 viewers) 301 Royal Paladin
Die Horn (0 viewers) 251 Elite Knight
Che Jawa (0 viewers) 282 Elder Druid
Elite Napa (0 viewers) 200 Elite Knight
Rafi Rp (0 viewers) 287 Royal Paladin
Rektby Zombie (0 viewers) 300 Royal Paladin
Neguinn Frontline (0 viewers) 281 Master Sorcerer
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