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Enquete: Comando !bless utilizando dinheiro do banco
GOD Makalyster714809.10.17 19:57:46
by Sojij
crustacea gigantica
Og Bongboy01217.10.17 03:00:58
by Og Bongboy
New server PvP-Enforced
Royal Never Give Up13316.10.17 22:50:44
by Terry
Emoção para a comunidade
Antaiox01316.10.17 20:26:39
by Antaiox
Boss Jaul
Nao Uso Bot1030214.10.17 12:16:13
by Brujeria
Suggestion Idea: Add Map Thais- Venore to introsa
Comvick03712.10.17 00:48:18
by Comvick
Few Suggestions
Vlil02011.10.17 16:32:12
by Vlil
Local onde vende item ser PZ
Ostatni Samuraj Zywo310311.10.17 08:04:43
by Violent
alguns itens q nao foram adicionados
Saintz Bolt16511.10.17 02:27:19
by GOD Makalyster
Skurken Kalle013909.10.17 21:27:18
by Skurken Kalle
Recarregamento da soft
Kyuzo03809.10.17 02:49:42
by Kyuzo
Bank Blessing
Pinto Tanka03608.10.17 15:53:21
by Pinto Tanka
Otherworld Creature's Prey
Jabulani Do Inferno03507.10.17 15:25:12
by Jabulani Do Inferno
Resp na tela precoce
Biia Miia26107.10.17 11:42:18
by Biia Miia
Wand of Mayhem, Rod of Mayhem "etc"
Networks913006.10.17 05:54:38
by Luan Full Parcel
Npc em narnia..
Baleia Vermelha16806.10.17 00:19:37
by GOD Makalyster
Boss Horestis
Vovo Gertrudes25705.10.17 20:36:20
by Vovo Gertrudes
Heart of Destruction !
Heellz Tanker14805.10.17 19:25:21
by GOD Makalyster
Aumentar o respawn
Ostatni Samuraj Zywo03705.10.17 12:14:36
by Ostatni Samuraj Zywo
Bosses de Oramond
Jabulani Do Inferno02705.10.17 00:11:05
by Jabulani Do Inferno

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