Character Information
Name:Coronel Macabro
Profession:Elder Druid
Guild Membership:a Member of the Allies of death
Last login:16 December 2017, 12:04 am
Comment:não existe derrota para um guerreiro ou ele vence ou aprende
Account Status:Premium Account

Character Deaths
5 Dec 2017, 14:34Died at level 249 by Demon and Warlock
3 Dec 2017, 21:51Died at level 248 by Io
2 Dec 2017, 23:49Died at level 249 by Demon
2 Dec 2017, 16:49Died at level 249 by Serpent Spawn and Lich
2 Dec 2017, 16:43Died at level 250 by Dragon Lord and Behemoth

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